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Friday, December 28, 2007

Make money online: make money online with google adsense

Recently a friend told me about AdSense and how you can make money online while blogging. At first I was a bit hesitant to register with Google adsense account because I thought I need a credit card, or other things that would involve online transaction with real money!. Never thought it would be this easy to register an Google adsense account. so here's my tips when creating an adsense account

if you have an existing gmail acount you can use it to register an adsense account. it is important that you don't have a previous bad record with adsense or you'll get your account ban again.

You can also use your existing Gmail account to register a blog for which is very nice in my opinion.

You need a topic which interest you, before you can actually start making money online. my suggestion would be create a blog first before registering for an adsense account.. and make sure you have at least 3 post on your blog so google spiders can scrape your site and analyze it for you.

then you can register your AdSense account here make sure you provide real information as google needs it when its time they pay you big bucks. you don't need a credit card to confirm your sign up process.. for me it took only about 2 hours for google adSense to approve my application. it make take as long as 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the content on your site. (which is why you'll need at least an existing content before you apply for the google adsense)

so here we are, you got a mail and signed it up for an adsense account(which is very simple if you can read english).

you can go to blogger's control pannel and log-in using your gmail account (yes you can use your gmail account with blogger!). Now goto template -> page element, and then click on "add page element" (a pop up should appear if your not blocking any pop-ups) click "add to blog" adjacent to the "AdSense" header.. then start customizing your ads' color width and height. You can only put a maximum of 3 ads in a page (correct me if I'm wrong) so make sure you place them where people can see them directly. without having them scroll down your page.

It might take a while before relevant Ads appear(google might still be analyzing your pages), so be patient. as much as possible advertise your blog to other, or do "blog hopping". :D then wait for a few more days before you actually get decent traffic and eventually you'll earn money from that. just keep on posting articles about the topics that interest you and don't get discourage directly :) if you have any question feel free to ask me.