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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Improve your Career Path

The only constant in life is change, I always here this phrases either during interviews or during performance reviews. As humans we aim for improvement in every aspect in our lives, this is also true in our career. You can’t be doing the same things over and over again until you retire and collect a pension. So while you are young you need to invest in certain skills to improve your positioning in your company. After all nobody wants to be cranking up the wheel until they are 60.

Here are the key things you would need to improve or invest in more time.

Knowledge, first you need to love the process of learning, only then knowledge will pour into your life without spilling or having a hard time consuming ideas and thoughts. Knowledge empowers you to do the right things the right way; with knowledge, people/coworkers tends to seek your advice, in short you become an expert, and you gain credibility.

Confidence, with all the knowledge you have, you need to be able to send your message in a confident manner. It helps you send your message clearly with your peers, trusting one’s self is the ultimate confidence booster and this can only be achieve if you exactly know what you are doing.

Communication Skills, one of the most critical skills when you are trying to climb up the “corporate ladder”; It is already a known fact, that whatever type of work you are currently in right now, you will be dealing with lots of diverse people in the work place. With good communication skills, it enables you to become a good communicator, management or your boss will listen to your ideas, you will be able to position yourself easily.

Social Skills, if you are currently a staff that is seeking for a management position in your current company, the only way to get there is if you can improve your social skills. You need to be able to position yourself for the management position before you try to tell your boss that you are interested. Positioning is the key, to achieve this, and the only way to do it is to be a social individual.

As an introvert social skill is one of my weaknesses, here are the key things that would help you improve your social skills.

  • Think clean, thinking clean thoughts free from your negative views of the world gives you more confidence to talk and socialize. It enables you to clearly see the picture, free from prejudice.
  • Be a good listener, people are social being, and they love talking about small things like. The weather, politics, hobbies, what they did last weekend, past experience, funny encounters. People liked to feel important, being a good listener makes them feel that they are important to you. Doing this you will gain their trust.
  • Say something positive, you can’t just be listening in the entire “social” interaction, you need to be able to express your thoughts. You need to be careful when sharing your personal views on things, to be safe don’t say anything negative, always give your positive view, unless they show signs that they want to hear your negative thoughts on the subject. Saying something positive makes people like you. Often time’s people need to have a “comforter” or someone they can depend on, to seek for advice in times of hardship.
  • Be honest, when you are honest you don’t need to hide anything, because you know you have been true to your motives.
Aggregating value, aggregation of value is when you delegate task, so that you don’t need to do it yourself. This is a trait of a leader, it shows that you are capable of leading people, or become an overseer. When you do this, you move to a higher point of view, aggregating value frees your hand and mind to do other things that would be more beneficial to you, than when you are doing the dirty work.


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