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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Job Interviews

As a continuation to my previous post, I'm here to give my insights on job interviews.

so you sent in your resume to as many company as possible.... sooner or later a company will call you for a job interview/test.. here are my tips you can follow.. and they are not in any order except for number 0

0. Practice and visualize
before going for the interview you should practice possible interview questions,.. and visualized them... also this will help you gain confidence when talking to the big fat boss.

1. Follow dress code
If your where invited for an interview, it would be a smart move to ask if theres a dress code.. this will help you give your future employer a good lasting impression. make sure you wear comfortable clothes too... the employer will notice if your not comfortable on the clothes your wearing like you keep scratching your neck or you keep tacking in your shirt and those kind of stuff...

2. Be on time
Time is gold, and if you can't be on time the employer will have very bad impressions on you. If you have and existing interview and you need a re schedule, at least inform them 1 day ahead.. and always asked them for the next date they are available.. or they will never call you again.

3. Be as tidy as possible
knowing that you'll be facing some strangers... you should keep your bad habits out of sight for a moment, and be as tidy as possible... so they don't see anything they don't like in you.

5. Be honest and indirect as possible
when being asked for technical questions which you don't know... be as honest and indirect as possible... for example..
the interviewer would asked you:

interviewer: "do you know anything about DirectX?"
a bad answer would be:
you: "no I haven't heard of that"
...while a good answer would be:
you: "I've read about it but never really applied or have the chance to used it"
you: "I'm interested with it and I'm on my way of learning"

in this case you are being honest that you don't know directX... but it also shows that you are interested in learning it. Which for me is the most important thing(the interest) when applying for a job.

6. Small BS wouldn't hurt (don't over do it!!)
you know that you are not really that equip with the job your applying for... and if you don't use a few BS(bullshit) you will not find a job. Believe me, this is how I land my first job.... also you need to be careful of using too much BS or the interviewer would notice it.

The interviewer was asking me what type of files can I open vb6 with?
I told him basically anything... (I know that VB6 can open files.. i just don't know how to do it..)

also it wouldn't hurt using this technique too.. as the interviewer is also using some BS about the company... your just too naive to know it.

7. Ask something about the company
to show that you are interested with the company, you ask the interviewer about things like.. how is environment working in here.. and stuff like that... this is also your chance to know the "inner world" of that company so ask relevant questions!

8. always maintain Eye contact
When speaking or listening to the interviewer always look at him/her in the eyes... (but not the scary look lol)... this will help you lessen the fear/intimidation you have in you. this will also remind you that you are talking to a human... and human listen to reasons :)