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Friday, January 25, 2008

Who is The Real Boss?

In a work place where everyone's want to be boss... you'll meet lots of people who has the same frustrations as you do, to become the "boss".. here are these people in my own category:

  1. The Know It All Motivator – mostly people who are the “know it all motivator” type are people with the less responsibility. They can be very irritating at times especially when they give their opinions on things, you did not solicit for. They are mostly around listening to every conversation and waiting to share their omniscience. Although they can be annoying at times, but they also have their “importance” in your organization as they are the once help people decide on things.

  1. The Manager-Manager – these people have the same position as the worker ants, but is either your senior/older. Most manager trust this types of people as they have been in the industry longer than you do, the manager assigns task to the “manager-manager” and then the so called manager assign task to everyone who is “lower” to him, basically a middle man, or a manager in training, and a fall guy too incase the real manager screws up.

  1. The Slackers – although they might be the same persons as the manager-manager, this are people who dick around at work, and almost always have reasons on why a certain product would be late in delivery. These types of people are the ones who easily crack/snap when crunch time comes, as they are not accustoming to pressure. But they will work if they have too, and you can’t avoid them in big companies.

  1. The Worker Ants – mostly these types of people are the real core of the colony, all they do is work, work, and work some more. They don’t question authority and only stops when they are hungry. This are mostly the under paid employees, you can’t help but admire them. And mostly they will find better colony to work for. But they will stay as worker ants for a couple of years or so before being promoted.

  1. The Thinking Pessimist – These types of people are those who always find reasons on why things won’t work. They are somewhat the same with the slackers but the pessimist is more equip technically. Deep down he has his own solution to the problem, but is too pessimistic to share in fear of rejection. This is where the “The Know It All Motivator” comes in and pushes the pessimist to spit out his ideas.

  1. The Demigod Puppet – the Demigod Puppet is your manager/supervisor who cannot decide for himself and waits for a meeting to talk things out. He mostly listens to his “subordinates”. And speaks for them, but the truth is he only listen to the asshole who is the real puppeteer.

  1. The Asshole – this is your boss, no matter what you do you can’t win against him, and he always has the last say on things. The asshole only listens to the “manager-manager” or to the “Know It All Motivator”.

Although they are all unrelated and different, everyone has its own role to do, to ensure the survival of the colony.