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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Secret of Success

A while back I had an opportunity to listen to one of the most influential person in our organization our CEO. He was talking about success, and how to obtain success, there are lots of opportunity in life that you can be successful, your passion, work, sports, arts and a like. Although it is a hard battle towards the top, there are strategies to follow when aiming for success.

Good Decision Making, may it be in business, personal life, good decision making is crucial for your goal of becoming successful.

Factors that will hinder you to make good decisions:

Family and Friends, although family and friends are important to us as humans and the core reason why we work ourselves out. Often times these are the people who will hinder us to make good decision, because they will always want the things that will benefit them. They will influence you to make a decision that will favor them. I’m not saying that they are just bad people, this is just the natural reaction of most people, “things that will benefit me” and undermining the other parties involved.

Culture, is another challenge, you will most likely be influenced by culture, religion, or traditions when trying to make a good decisions. The worst part is you won’t even notice that your decision was based on your current culture. The only way to combat this, and not become blind, is to expose yourself to different cultures and traditions, by doing so you widen your horizon and understanding.

Lack of experience, they say experience is a good teacher; well it’s true. The hard part is that experience requires time to learn, you will not be able to accelerate your learning process because you need to experience it yourself. But the moment you gain enough experience the better you decide on things, you will find patterns, and good practices. Then only thing you can do is hope that you don’t blew your chances by making bad decisions so be very careful when deciding on things.

Fear, the most difficult challenge you will face when trying to make a good decision, it could be any type of fear, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of mistakes, fear of hurting other people, fear of risks. People tend to make low risk investments because of fear, people will always try to avoid conflict, even if they knew what, is the right thing to do. To combat this, arm yourself with knowledge, do your research and seek advice from people who have already been in your situation. Remember, Fear makes the wolf look bigger.

Although, Good Decision making is a key element to success, our CEO told me that it is not the secret to success. It is not Skills, not Talent, nor luck, or technology. The secret to success is perseverance. When skills fail you perseverance will succeed, when talent fail you perseverance will succeed, when technology fail you perseverance will succeed. When all things fail perseverance will succeed.

Yes it is that simple, look around you and find the common denominator of successful people, all of them have persevere against the challenges, and difficulties to become successful.