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Monday, December 24, 2007

Importance of communication

The problem with everybody is that, everybody assumes, we forget the importance of communication at work. Often times we lose a lot of time on minor details that the customer wants.

Let me state a situation

A software engineer got a requirement for a system, the engineer starts to assume of what the software is all about and will always try to navigate the vision to that direction. He starts to think of all the possible complications that the software might come across within the life cycle of that application.

While the Project Manager thinks that the software must be full packed of features that the customers didn't asked for to gain good reputation "do more than what is asked", and will ask the software engineer if its possible (as he almost always have not idea about the application). the software engineer takes advantage of this fact so he can navigate the software to the direction he wants.

On the other hand the customer just wants to get a software that allows him to record his sales and create invoices if needed, and envision a very simple user interface(UI) to allow him to key in data as fast and accurate as possible.

When delivery date comes, the customer's is overwhelmed with the technicalities of the product and the amount of knowledge he needs to operate the software application. most of the time the customer's asked for revision, and thats where the real communication starts!, and now everybody is listening to the customer's needs.