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Monday, December 24, 2007

People on the workplace

On the work place there are 2 types of people, the leaders and the workers..

Leaders are those people who have visions, they are the ones who wants to make a difference , the ones the need to prove themselves. while on the other hand the workers, are those who work and wait to get paid. they don't care about the company they just want to get paid so they can feed themselves.

What makes a leader?.

1. Confidence
people who have confidence with themselves, will most likely become leaders. they also build the "workers" confidence, but not enough encouragement to pass them...

2. Vision
Leaders have vision they can see, where they are going in the next few years, while workers stay work all day to get payed on the 15th and the 3oth of the month.

3. Demanding
Leaders are demanding, they want more, they are not contented of your productivity there is always more to have. sometimes you think its impossible to attain, leaders are blind to the impossible.

4. Leaders Ask Questions
While the workers, work without question the leaders on the other hand always ask questions, they often ask why as they are the "thinking" type.

5. Leaders are hungry for continuous improvements
workers are almost always contented of what they have attain and hopes to keep working until they retire, on the other hand the leader is always struggling to stay in front of his hunger to become better, and better. often times you find them reading and learning new things. they push the boundaries.

6. Fearless
leader are fearless but not stupid they know when to take the risk, and when not too.. every risk is a calculated risk. they explore the unknown and reach for the stars

7. Well balanced
a good leader always have balanced, they know where to come-in, and give credit to people who deserved it. there's a thin difference between an asshole leader, and a good leader , and that is balanced. good leader maintain harmony in the workplace, they see every bodies' needs.