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Friday, December 28, 2007

Make money online: Make money online scam revealed!

Wouldn't it be nice to make a bundle of money quickly, with minimal effort, working at home in you pajamas? Of course it would. I for one would love to have money flowing into my bank account, working only a few hours a week from home, so I'd have more time to spend with my friends, without any boss looking over my shoulder.

Whether it's real estate investing, selling by classified ads, stock market investing, internet affiliate marketing, or something else, we've all seen the fantastic claims people make about making money online. and how the can show you how to do the same thing!. I can tell you right now that 99% of these people are total frauds. you may have even fallen victim to one of these scams, selling you their latest "make money only quick" program. Me too I've bought so many of these programs that I can't even recall how many. I don't know why but I tend to find the "good" in people, and I was "sold" by these marketing schemes time and time again, even after being scammed by another. Finally, after so many disappointments, I got FED UP. I decided to get to the bottom of this fascination we all have with "make money online programs" and find out if there really were any legitimate programs for making money online.

I literally contacted the administrator of most every "Make money Online website" I could find. Posing as an investor I managed to convince the owners that I was seriously interested in purchasing their entire website and business. that way, once the dollar signs flashed in their heads, they would give me free access to their member's area to review what I would be "buying". Well, I was disgusted with 99% of what i found. many of the owners actually boasted about how many people bought their "make money online programs". I repeatedly found:

- outdated information
- non-working links
- links leading to other sites that asked for more money
- no help section
- no real email support

I quickly realized that these so-called make money online schemes were totally useless. And the owners knew it, yet they where laughing all the way to the bank!. Needless to say, I didn't respond when they asked if I was still interested in buying their websites. so before you sign-up for any payed membership make sure you know your sources or those people who refered you to the site. other than that pay at your own risk!. As for now I'm sticking with adsense