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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Off To Go Job Hunting

As a continuation to my previous entry...

So here you are, you finished you resume, you got a new haircut, and shaved (if your a guy).. now your ready to apply for a job and hopefully get a career out of it.

Today there are lots of online job sites you can use to post your profile/resume..

Job hunting

Job hunting is fun if you do it together with your friends, it also lessen the pressure of you doing it alone.

My tips for applying:

1. Send your resume to as many company you can
Those company with a requirement of at least 1 year are good targets (assuming that your fresh from school).. the more you send the bigger the chances you get hired, make sure you send the "online" first before going out and do the "walk-in" process.

2. Make a list of companies that you applied for
Make a list of companies that you applied for, and do your research about the company. This will also help you keep track of the companies that you failed to get in.

3. Do not re-apply
If you previously applied for the same company, do not re-apply for the same position unless 6-8months have pass this will help you not get blacklisted on that company. and tag you as a nuisance applicant

4. Practice confidence and online Test (IQ and stuff)
Practice confidence by studying the job requirement, and about the company. also it would be nice if you take those online IQ test on the internet so you get the hang of it in case you are called for an exam. most likely those exams are the same, you just need to train your brain to answer those types of questions.

5. Don't apply for Job fairs (unless your too desperate)
Most of you might disagree with me on this, but I think Job fairs are a waste of time. everybody lines up for hours waiting to be interviewed/processed. and most likely there are lots and lots of people who are applying for the same position. Job fair means mass hiring which also means less salary. if you don't have any choice, then thats a good time to reconsider