Why you are working and cant stop working ~ One With The Machine

Monday, December 24, 2007

Why you are working and cant stop working

people work to feed themselves, but how long do they need to work? until they can stop working and start living?.

There are good ways to get away from the slavery of work, but most people doesn't see this.

1. Work while you are blind

While you are "blind" work as hard as you can to save enough money to get away from work. most of the time when people start working they cant stop working, because they didn't save enough money. they become slaves to the wage.

2. Work as hard as you can while you can
Work as hard as you can while you are young, and while you are blind to the system of labor grab all opportunity while you can. if you'll save enough money when you reach in your mid 30s then you might want to quit while you can, and start investing your hard earn cash on other things.

3. Work while you are happy
Work while you are happy, most people work even if they don't like the job, because they don't have the choice. either they work or die of hunger.

4. Stop and take a break.
When stress starts to get in your way take a break, and think if you can still take the same crap for the next 20years of you life. if you cant then its time to proceed to number 5.

5. Plan and Get Out
Plan ahead not just for the sake of tomorrow but for the sake of getting out as soon as possible. If you've save enough money start your own business while your still working. If your Business is strong enough to stand on its own then hire people to work for you, not you working for them!.

6. Time is Gold, and your losing lots of it
Time is gold, everybody knows this before you notice it 10-15years might have pass and your still working, because you need to. which mean you did not learn anything, and you've become a slave to the wage.