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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to become successful

A question that not all people will figure out in their lifetime, often times we get caught in this rat race called life, where in norms are being followed in the hopes for a better future. So how do you think you’ll be successful when you’re doing the same things others do? They might even do it better than you.

So first let’s define success so we really know what we are really aiming for, according to an online dictionary.

Success - “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work.

So the key words we got based from the definition are: desire, plan, attempt (execute), and hard work.

First we need to discover our desires, what are the things we really love doing? It could be anything, from software engineering, robotics, social care, arts and literature or even watching porn. There is no limit to it as long as you honestly desire it. There is no need to try and fit yourself on things you don’t really like; otherwise you’d do mediocre jobs.

Often time we get into this mindset that we are in a race, and you need to get in front of everyone else. Usually college students take up courses they don’t really feel passionate about, just because the job pays well, at the end of the day you’d end up dreading your job and feeling depressed most of the time.

Second Plan it, I can’t stress it enough planning is one of the most important ingredient to every successful person. You need to have some sort of a blue print on how you’d get to your destination. Often time this is where people get stuck because they get overwhelmed of the things they need to do in order to become successful.

I have a technique that I personally follow when planning things out.

  • Describe the current situation – describing the situation gives you a better understanding on what you are up to. May it be solving a current problematic process, or trying to figure out from getting to point A to B.
  • What is the desired result – knowing your goal will help you see the path you need to take in order to get there.
  • Ask yourself, is there an existing solution – search for existing solutions or steps, you don’t need to make your own or go the hard way. There are people that have already been in your shoes and all you need to do is to replicate what they have done in order for you to become successful. This would also be a good time to widen your “Network”. Remember, Good Artist Copy, Great Artist steals.
  • If there are no existing ideas then, enumerate are the steps needed – enumerating the steps to get to your goal will help you know the challenges you will face along the way. This will help you prepare for the future. It will also help you prepare the necessary skills you’ll need in order to become successful.

Hard work, and execution, without this you are probably going nowhere, hard work and execution always goes together and this is the key point of becoming successful.

Remember without hard work and execution then, you are only a dreamer hoping for better days.

These are the steps I follow when executing my plan of becoming successful.

  • List the things you need to do, each day create a list of things you need to do to complete a small goal.
  • Set realistic goals for you to follow, making unrealistic goals will consume you and soon you will lose interest or get overwhelmed.
  • Divide big goals to smaller goals, it is every dangerous to feel overwhelmed when you are about to execute your plans. Dividing big goals will ensure that you are small specific goals that are easily achievable.
  • Start with the smallest task, it is important to start with the small things so you’d get your momentum going.
  • Evaluate your direction from time to time, to know if you are getting near or getting to far off. It is important to keep yourself on track, to get a clear understanding if the things you’re doing still make sense. Overtime things will change and you will need to adjust in order to succeed in life.
  • Think positive even if you are not, keep this mind set all the time and you will see that doing so little like smiling or by thinking positive thoughts will get you every far.

If you do these things consistently I’m sure you’d become successful. Always remember success is measured by your own satisfaction. if you think you still need to achieve in life Then, desire it, plan it, attempt (execute) and hard work!

Good luck guys :)